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Cortez logo, GIF

Cortez–Personal Trainer logo

Identity Design

Logo design for Cortez; a personal trainer with the intention of training people to become fitter and healthier rather than muscle gain or strength training.

The concept plays on the theory of Supercompensation; a term describing muscles receiving higher performance post training and after recovery. This as a logo was appropriate as it represents a consistent and careful training process that aims towards a healthier lifestyle by training.

Logo sketches
Beginning sketches.
Logo drafts
Digital logo drafts, development from sketches.

Visualising supercompensation and turning it into a logo was a welcome challenge, the simplest way of showing this concept was by illustrating downward and then upward motions to signify the training.

It certainly did limit exploration of anything other than a big wave, however in this case it made the whole process smoother as this was the simplest way to represent the training in a way that fitness nuts could recognise; anything else would have made it more difficult.

Logo branding
Brand and colours.
Logo grid
Final logo grid.
Logo mockup
*NOT OFFICIAL* Draft mockup for fitness shirts, a representation of what it could look like in the future.

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