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DCPower banner

DC Power–logo design

Identity Design

Logo design for DC Power, a cloud based application designed to measure and send specific performance data of a university’s server to the user.

The concept is based on the main sensor component, a small chip, which also sends data to the cloud so the logo is quite literally representing that. This was a fun design project with a relatively simple concept to achieve which also took a very short amount of time to complete from start to finish.

DCPower branding
Logo branding.

Designing the logo followed a simple illustrative style with geometrical shapes and rounded edges; this was chosen over hard edges as the rounded look is not only pleasing but also represents how complex information is being simplified into this app.

DCPower icons
Simple icons designed for the in–app menu.

To keep in theme with the logo, some icon designs were also made for each page on the main menu. This was also done to preserve consistency to the brand that the logo had built as the previous icons were too different to the designed illustrative style, therefore these elements clashed. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult to design new icons as they were kept as simple as possible to best represent their designated page.

DCPower mockup
DC Power on the Google Play store.

This app is available privately to the university, however in the future this app could be made publicly available as there are certainly other institutes that could benefit from a data gathering application for servers.

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