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Editorial Design

Brief was to design a magazine with an appropriate topic, title, and brand of my choosing. This was to be designed as a first issue for a potential line of magazines which would fit the magazine culture in print and online.

The issue focuses on letterpress and explores the modern printers and methods of this generation and their effect on the craft, with a collection of works that make up each article.

Impressions lino left Impressions lino right
Carved locks of white rubber–like Lino.

The cover was designed in a way that could best show the letterpress element; the overlap element made from two printing impressions. This was printed from two blocks of lino, one for each colour, using a roller press.

Impressions plates
Printing blocks used for cover printing.

The masthead was printed from a photo polymer plate, a light sensitive material, as a preferable material to ensure typographic detail and a fine print. Although it's true that a lot of time could've been saved by using polymer instead of lino, the printed outcome from both materials are different from one another (not to mention polymer is more expensive) and a more natural print was best suited for the cover.

Impressions short articles
Short article on Tap Type.

Each article was designed to seem like it had been letterpress printed, however printing each page for real would have been too much to do in the time frame give, this is noticeable for the colours and gradients used for each article’s title heading. Perhaps in the future I will consider printing a document using exclusively polymer plates.

Impressions image heavy article
Picture heavy article on Guillermo.
Impressions exclusive article
Exclusive article on Alan Kitching.

Overall this was an enjoyable project, the magazine’s identity is clearly for a letterpress oriented audience; complimented through how the cover and the articles were individualy designed. As well as using more polymer plates for printing, I would also consider using large wooden type as a more playful approach to letterpress printing within this issue.

Impressions front cover Impressions back cover
Impressions letterpress magazine, front and back cover.

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