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Riba poster

Jazz em Agosto–Poster set

Branding Design

Part of my FMP (final major project), the brief was to design a set of posters to promote a jazz musical event in Lisbon. Jazz em Agosto is a yearly jazz concert where musicians gather as a way to celebrate music through playing and performing, a true spectacle to listen to.

Each poster is based on the theme of jazz and each represents one specific thing about the music; such as the instruments and the way in which we listen and enjoy the music.

The design for each was printed by hand using various objects with a flat but relatively printable surface; such as a metal grate, a block of wood, and even some pegs. Each texture was printed separately and scanned in to then create a collage that became each poster, using the various shapes and textures from the prints to create objects relating to jazz.

Jazz trombone
Jazz trombone themed poster.
Jazz vinyl
Record player themed poster.
Jazz violin
Violin themed poster.

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