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Letr, fantasy font

Letr–Font design (under construction)


A serif body face intended for fantasy reading, immersing the reader into the tale within the writings. Letr contains sharp edges, bold serifs, and balanced stroke level for ease of reading.

The brief was to design a font containing basic characters, such as all lowercase and most of the uppercase, enough so that there was a distinction of a complete typeface. This project allowed me to explore conventions of type design and typeface genres, and work with type design applications (Glyphs) which was very exciting as this would be my first designed font.

Features hard edges, reminiscent of fantastical creatures such as goblins or dragons, this font makes names like Eragorn look surprisingly good and appropriate for the medieval or magical words and phrases usually found in fantasy books.

Research mainly included looking at other typefaces, seeing what they did differently and how each letter was made, and sketching. The most appropriate letters to begin sketching were a, u, d, and e, as these are enough to establish a system for the rest of the letters.

Letr sketches
Beginning of Letr’s sketches, once I felt comfortable I took this on screen to digitise and create the remaining letters.

Some letters can also be built based on another letter’s shape, for example if you have n then you essentially have your h and if you have p then you have your q, d, and b. However some letters, such as k and g, are a unique shape and must be drawn separately.

Letr Specimen poster
Specimen poster, from ⁠—brace the space degree show. {578x976mm. Printed on Elements Fire, 250gsm}.

Letr is still under construction and therefore is not ready to be used, however I hope to change this in the near future, once it is complete it will be ready to be distributed and hopefully fill up fantasy books.

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