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Riba poster

Power of Scale–Architectural conference

Conference Branding

Brief was to create a branding for an architectural conference for Riba with the main theme being wellbeing for the people. This proved challenging to create a visual concept as there were a lot of aspects to consider for this event; the first problem being how to show an architectural based poster whilst also showing people’s wellbeing.

The idea of having jenga blocks as a concept took some time to deduce, for such a complex theme, however having something playful representing the event was appropriate as architecture can also be a fun process especially when designing for others. A fun nod to this can be seen on the poster and how each block was literally hand printed, showing a human element.

Riba signboard poster
Signage mockup, for use outdoor and indoors.
Riba banner poster
Banner mockup, mainly for use indoors.

The conference would use advertisement of sorts to promote the event; both mockups produced show how it can be advertised appropriately for both outdoors and indoors. The trickiest part about this was fitting the design from the poster onto other size formats, without changing the brand concept otherwise this would have broken consistency for the event’s image.

Riba poster
Leaflet handout mockup.

The leaflet contains more information about the event, such as speakers and talk times, which would be handed out to visitors as they arrived inside on the day of the event. The design still contains the jenga elements as the cover however on the inside it’s different as there are fingerprints placed around the leaflet, these are not placed randomly as instead they are more or less where the person is able to hold the leaflet to read the information, and legibility is not affected by having these with text.

Riba leaflet, front Riba leaflet, back
Front and back spreads for leaflet handout.
Riba wall poster
Power of Scale, poster mockup.

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