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Pictograms for rooms

Museum Wayfinding–Pictograms

Branding Design

Brief was to redesign the pictograms used in Reading Museum to indicate their rooms, exhibitions, and facilities. In short the entire wayfinding system was overhauled with new signage and branding.

The wayfinding system for the museum makes it difficult for the user to locate where to go next and where some of the rooms were. From visiting the museum it was clear that a lot of the signage was either confusing or located in spots where I didn’t expect them to be in and at times felt hidden.

Pictograms for facilities
Facilities pictograms, above this are the pictograms for the rooms.

Each pictogram is based on one object found within each of the rooms, usually the one that stood out the most upon entry which summed up what to expect of the room before entry.

They have each been illustrated to have a simple and bold presence, complicated shapes or busy elements were avoided as these would make the pictograms more difficult to recognise especially at smaller size formats.

Pictograms sketches
Initial sketches for wayfinding pictograms.

In total there are 23 pictograms, these aren’t necessarily made to replace the old ones as the main focus of this project was to improve the wayfinding for the user. It was also important to design the pictograms around the museum so that these would remain recognisable and accessible to the users.

Facilities signage mockup In gallery mockup Wayfinding mockup
Wayfinding signage mockups.

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