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Detroit Spinners, album redesign

Detroit Spinners–Album design

Packaging Design

Brief involved picking an album of choice to not only create new designs but to also design some packaging, basically this project gave me the opportunity to look at album cover designs and create my own interpretation on a redesign for my album of choice.

There were three main deliverables for this project in which we had to design and make. The main deliverable was the vinyl record, with an outer & inner sleeve and the vinyl label, the second deliverable was a cassette tape and its box, and the third deliverable was a spotify page to show how the album would look online.

The album for this project was Happiness is being with the Detroit Spinners; mainly chosen for its style of soul music, their songs express feelings and emotions in an energetic, playful, and colourful way. Thus why I felt the need to create another interpretation on the cover as, although the illustration is great, the original expressed a more family friendly type feeling which doesn’t feel right for their music style.

Album cover
Record cover, inner sleeve, and vinyl physical mockup.

The chosen design aesthetic for this album are rubberbands, inspired by the song that best represents the album (Rubberband Man), and is heavily present throughout the deliverables. A rubberband is stretchy, colourful, funky, and above all they are fun; it was important to express the same feelings from their songs and into the cover design.

Cassette & box
Cassette tape and box, physical mockup.

The second deliverable featured a cassette tape, label, and box packaging. Designing this was fun as the box in particular gave a new almost design dimension by designing the outside and inside, not to mention the number of sides and folds also allowed more variation through mostly colours and typographic treatment.

Spotify mockup page
Spotify page, digital mockup.

Third deliverable for this project features a spotify page. The thumbnail for the page features a lightly altered look of the cover design, to fit the constraints of a spotify thumbnail. The design has largely remained the same, with the exception of text being removed as at that size it would be unreadable, although making slight alterations was necessary for the design to properly fit the frame for this platform.

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