About me

My name is Pedro Martins, I am a graphic designer based in the UK. I specialise in Branding Design as it allows me to make the most use of my multidisciplinary talents; such as print, digital, and illustration.

I graduated from the University of Reading in July 2019; studying a BA in Typography & Graphic Communication. This course allowed me to explore my own capabilities by undertaking project briefs for different design sectors and gain an understanding of how the industry worked.

Since graduating, I have worked freelance and taken on a number of design briefs that challenged everything I knew from that point. Working on multiple briefs at one time has enabled me to effectively liaison with clients and work with the deadline rather than against it.

I believe that design should aim to be functional before it can look pretty. I stand by this design philosophy as my catalyst for creating great things, my driving force to breaking barriers outside of my comfort zone, and my instigator for remaining an all–round disciplined Designer for the future.

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