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I document on projects that I work on along the way through photography. This allows me to keep track of the methods used in these past projects and to also show how I overcame obstacles to become a better designer.

Printing Hellovetica project Letterpress, Branding
Printing with Photo Polymer plate Letterpress, Branding
Fresh Hellovetica print Letterpress, Branding
Playable rubberband cassette prototype Experimental, Packaging design
Merchant Quarter booklet Editorial Design, Typography
Hand made fake album stand Experimental, Packaging Design
A how to coffee leaflet Typography
Step by step guide for brewing coffee Typography
London Essays booklet Editorial Design, Typography
Zoo of Europe relief print Poster Design, Relief Printing
Experimental relief print posters Relief Printing, Experimental
Experimental screen printed zoo posters Poster Design, Screen Printing
Cool Hand Luke movie poster Poster Design, Typography
Museum Pictograms/Wayfinding booklet Wayfinding, Typography
Zoo of Europe Snake poster Poster Design, Screen Printing
Experimental interactive zoo poster Poster Design, Experimental
Chalkboard app icons Experimental, Iconography
Experimental letterpress print (mockup) Experimental
Reading Film Theatre flyer (Colour) Event, Branding, Typography
Reading Film Theatre flyer (B&W) Event, Branding, Typography
Using a Cricut to cut shapes for printing Experimental
Logo proposals for science oriented project Logo Design , Branding

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