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A place where I write about my projects and have them saved here. At times I like to document as I work which is a good way to show how I tackled problems differently from one project to the next.

Please read through this collection of my best works.



Branding & Identity Design


Branding & Identity, Web Design


UX & UI Design

Detroit Spinners

Packaging Design

Letr–Fantasy Font


The Hub–Menu Designs

Branding, Typography

The Power of Scale

Conference Branding

DC Power

Identity Design

Jazz em Agosto–Poster set

Branding Design

Hellovetica–Letterpress gift

Branding Design, Typography

Devon & Cornwall

Branding & Identity Design


Editorial Design

Museum–Wayfinding & Pictograms

UX & Branding

Cortez–Personal Trainer

Identity Design

Gather–Web App

UX & UI Design

Charles Dickens–A Literary Life

Editorial Design, Typography

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